Fight Foreclosure

Note: I do not have the ability to update this site on a regular basis. Please let me know via the comments if information has become stale or something else should be added.

Useful Websites

The new Housing Justice Foundation, set up by whistleblower Lynn Syzmoniak, has a terrific website with rich content that is frequently updated.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia has an extremely useful foreclosure resource page and general consumer page.

The Making Home Affordable program homepage.

The FDIC has mortgage and foreclosure related information here.

General, basic info from the Federal Trade Commission

The National Consumer Law Center created this helpful “Bankruptcy Mortgage Project” page.

Places To Look For Lawyers Skilled In Foreclosure Defense And Consumer Bankruptcy:

Note: I am not making a specific recommendation about a specific attorney, only flagging organizations much more likely to provide good counsel than randomly responding to an advertisement

The Institute for Foreclosure Legal Assistance, which was set up by the Center for Responsible Lending.

The National Association of Consumer Advocates. The National Association of Consumer Advocates is a nationwide organization of more than 1,500 attorneys who represent and have represented hundreds of thousands of consumers victimized by fraudulent, abusive and predatory business practices.

The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. NACBA is the only national organization dedicated to protecting the rights of consumer debtors in bankruptcy and serving the needs of consumer bankruptcy attorneys. Formed in 1992, NACBA now has more than 4,000 members located in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

Alumni of Max Gardner’s Boot Camp. Max is one of the pioneers exposing foreclosure document fraud and related bank tactics, and he has trained many lawyers in what to look for and how to use it.

Legal Services/Legal Aid. If you have little money, you may qualify for help from Legal Services/Legal Aid attorneys in your state or city. Different organizations have different income eligibility standards, and they can have slightly different names. For example, in New York City, contact the Legal Aid Society. In New Jersey, the group is Legal Services of New Jersey. In Jacksonville, Florida, the organization is Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, which has the wonderful tag line “a wealth of justice for people who have neither” and is home to April Charney.

Googling “legal aid” and your state should help you identify your local organization.

Martin Andelman has a list of “Trusted Attorneys

Who owns your loan?

Find out if FannieMae owns your loan (regardless of what bank court filings may say.)

Find out if FreddieMac owns your loan (regardless of what bank court filings may say.)

Find out who MERS says owns your loan and who services it (note, the MERS database is not necessarily accurate as it depends on the banks voluntarily updating it.)

Does the bank named on your loan still exist?

Avoid Being Scammed:

The Federal Reserve has five tips for avoiding scams.

Freddie Mac also has advice for spotting scams.

The Federal Trade Commission has this post on foreclosure rescue scams.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

Foreclosure Focused Blogs

Mandelman Matters


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